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    Goford Semiconductor Zhongshan Office
    Goford semiconductor has set up the office in Zhongshan to show its aggresive intention in the LED lighting industry.  Zhongshan has always be the frontier city and market of LED drive and LED lighting products all arund the world.  The new products test here first and then spread to other markets.  
    With the cost down and affordability of LED lighting products, LED market has been expanding by two or even three digits growth each year.  However, due to the lack of regulation and standardization, the products used to  have very poor quality and short shelf life.  Anyway, the technology is going forward without break, and more and more advanced and cost effective IC and MOSFETS and other components have made it true to keep good quality together with the low cost.
    Goford semiconductor has designed a series of MOSFT, which can endure the high voltage and avalanche while still keep the low rdson and low working temperature.  They are 5N20A, 630A, 3N25, 18N20, 3710 etc.  These mosfets are designed with advanced planar technology with the ability of smaller chip size and good performance.